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Knight Insurance


Knight Insurance, a startup insurance agency located in Texas, came to 25th Hour seeking a logo and brand identity. The client was unsure about what they wanted visually, but knew that they needed to appeal to older generations who were aiming to save for retirement, as well as younger generations that were skeptical of modern banking and insurance companies.

As the sole designer on this project, I explored typography, colors, and logo concepts based on the client's needs. We landed on a stoic wordmark, paired with a renaissance-esque flag icon that could be used across various mediums. The final color palette was made up of shades of blue and white, giving off a trustworthy, calming appeal.

Work done at 25th Hour Communications


We also created the brand's first ad campaign, placing digital ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Our "SMART Mailer," a physical branded postcard, was delivered to anyone who clicked the digital ads and landing on the campaign landing page.

Campaign Landing Page
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