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25th Hour Communications

branding // WEB DESIGN

After working at 25th Hour as a designer for about 7 months, I was presented the opportunity to rebrand the company.


The old branding was outdated and busy, with an extremely vast color palette that needed to be narrowed down. Because most of our competitors, as well as the community colleges we work with, have dark blue in their branding, we wanted a vibrant color palette that would make us stand out at conferences, as well as represent our female leadership.

We ditched the detail-heavy clock logo and outdated fonts for a simple, modern, building block logo concept made from abstract clock shapes – and paired it with a sans-serif brand font. 


Branding – PLATINUM Hermes Creative Awards 2020

Branding – SILVER Davey Awards 2020

Logo Lockups
Conference Presentation Template
Full Conference Booth & Table Runner
Website Redesign (Currently under development)

The highest priority task for the website redesign was the work section. The old 25th Hour website had both an "our work" section with PDFs of our case study one-pagers, and a "work samples" page that had thumbnails of one-off projects. We produce a large quantity of work and have no shortage of campaigns to showcase results, so we decided to keep the case studies section and give each project it's own page, allowing us to get rid of the PDFs – which drastically improved the usability and accessibility of the website.

Case Study Website Section

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