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Also known as DD360, Digital Dynamics 360 is a digital agency founded at the intersection of marketing and technology. They aim to maximize client's buying power while expanding their digital and social footprint. They do this through the many services they offer, one in particular being the "SMART Mailer," a unique print-mail piece that retargets users who have already shown interest by clicking on digital ads.


DD360 is 25th Hour Communications' sister company, and I was given the opportunity to brand the company, redesign the website, and manage all of the DD360 social media pages.


General // Corporate Communications for Websites - GOLD

Davey Awards 2021


Based off of the tagline "Break free from conventional digital advertising with 360 degree results."


Because DD360 offers so many unique services, we wanted a website that would give them the spotlight they deserve. After searching through themes, I found a WordPress template that had a perfect combination of both form and function – giving DD360 it's own voice in the digital sphere and showing how the company is on the leading edge of digital marketing. The homepage of the site is a split-screen scroll that allows each service to have it's own moment. The rest of the site's navigation is extremely simple and straightforward, putting the products at the forefront.

Social Media

In order to have a surplus of content to fill the calendar, I created 10+ different content types to post on social media including quick digital marketing tips, infographics explaining DD360 services, marketing takeaways, digital marketing definitions, general DD360 promotion posts, and more. Not only did this make the branding consistent across channels, but it also allowed for maximum productivity with pre-designed templates. All caption copy was written by me, and all posts were scheduled using Agorapulse.

Key growth points during the first half-year that I managed the accounts

  • LinkedIn followers increased 525%

  • Instagram impressions grew 59125%

  • Twitter engagement went up by 917%

  • Facebook fans increased by 469%


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