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More Than a Game


Leslie Huntington, three-time national champion softball coach at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, knew it was time to take her talents beyond the field. Leslie's unique approach to coaching goes beyond strength and endurance, and focuses on the mental aspect of performance. This led her to start her own mental performance coaching company because to her, it's more than a game – it's a mindset.

We positioned Leslie's company as an energetic, authentic, and accessible brand in the world of mental performance coaching. Armed with "to help improve performance, both on and off the field" as her mission statement, and "where you can" as her tagline, the visual identity was able to evoke the energy that Leslie brings to the table, as well as her goal to empower others.

Work done at 25th Hour Communications



Logo – GOLD Hermes Creative Awards 2020

Visual Identity – GOLD Davey Awards 2020

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