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San Francisco State University


San Francisco State University, was needing to increase their enrollment numbers for the spring semester. They also wanted to increase student retention going into the spring semester. 

The advertising team at 25th Hour Communications developed a plan that would encourage students to enroll in spring classes at SFSU. The plan consisted of digital advertising tactics, including running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and using SMART Mailer retargeting. We targeted current students through custom email lists provided by San Francisco State University to increase student retention.

I handled all of the creative assets for this campaign, including digital ads, a SMART Mailer postcard, and a landing page header. I used SFSU's branding and assets to create a unique visual style for this campaign that focused on real students, and had a large, clear CTA.

Key results:

  • 215,000+ ads served to current students

  • 8,000+ qualified clicked delivered to the SFSU website

  • 11.65% click-through-rate by the end of the campaign (industry average is 2%)

Work done at 25th Hour Communications


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