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2018 CCI Career Expo

integrated branding

Every year, the Kent State College of Communication and Information holds a Career Expo for its students. As an undergraduate assistant for the college, I was able to give the event a presence that it had never had before – separating it from the hundreds of Kent State-branded fliers all over campus. 


Navigating the job world can be intimidating when there are so many paths one can take. By using fluid lines, this branding shows that it’s not always a straight path, but it can be a smooth one. Everything connects, and it is crucial for students to understand the importance of networking. The idea of “define,” “prepare,” and “connect” allows the students to get ready to meet potential employers by following three simple steps: attending a résumé workshop, practicing mock interviews at a prep session, and finally – attending the Expo itself.

Define Yourself Flyer & Buttons
Expo Postcard Invitation for Employers
Expo Postcard Invitation for Students
Expo Program Booklet & Mugs
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