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Grow & Go at Shoreline Community College


Shoreline Community College, located in Washington, needed to increase awareness about their Running Start (dual-credit) program, as well as the ability for students to transfer to 4-year universities after gaining credits at Shoreline.

The communications team at 25th Hour came up with the campaign tagline "Grow & Go," simply stating that you can Grow at Shoreline with flexible class schedules and faculty support, and Go directly into the workforce or transfer to a university.

As the designer on this project, I worked with the Communications & Marketing team at Shoreline to visually represent the Grow & Go concept. The final layout involves images of students wearing Shoreline shirts, placed next to another image of them wearing a university shirt of their choosing. We also created versions that show students learning at Shoreline, then entering the workforce.

Work done at 25th Hour Communications

Facebook Ads
OTT/YouTube Video

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